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A collection of poems about aging, forests, and grief.


If I watched five hours of cybersecurity lectures and drank a shot of tequila for every time I heard the word "Stuxnet", I'd be dead. This is the inspiration for this literature review which covers attacks on industrial control systems between the years 2000-2020. It deeply concerns me that the potentially deadly malware is seldom discussed. A Wikipedia article on a 2017 piece of malware that appears to be designed to kill barely boasts a single paragraph.


Two common pieces of advice artists seeking improvement will hear is "draw a lot" and "practice drawing from life." Whilst this is not wrong, practice does not make perfect. Consciously practicing technical skills will get you pretty close, though! I wrote this article in 2017 because my art suffered the consequence of "passive" learning, and relying on "how to draw <thing>" tutorials.