Here lie a small selection of artworks that do not neatly fit into the project Hyaline page. A full collection of my work can be seen on my tumblr.

There is a bipedal creature with a long snout and multiple large tusks with big ears and human-like skin that is brown and tan. Dripping from his mouth is a speech bubble that says "DON'T test me" in blood. He has eight eyes. A smaller quadruped creature with six eyes and of the same species is climbing up him, looking mischievous. The bipedal creature is holding a knife to the quadruped one, with blood on it. It appears he is performing a surgery.
A bipedal amphibian-like monster with large horns, a powerful tail with a fin and giant claws on it, and a mix of skin and scales has a speechbubble dripping from his mouth saying "NO" in blood. The speech bubble is loveheart shaped.He is playing cats cradle with bloodied sinew. He is blue and purple with a long snout with a mouth that extends far behind his eyes giving it a sinister grinning appearance. His snout is covered in blood. His ribs and intestines are exposed.
A front on view of a creature with funnel-like ears, with a target burned into them. Behind them, red lightning-like lines protrude from their back. They look tired and unimpressed, and slightly combative.
A creature is looking up to the right with their head tilted slightly. Behind them is a semicircle spatter that radiates outwards as if it is an eclipsed sun. There are thin rectangle shapes of various lengths floating around their neck. They look equal parts indignant and determined.
An indignant looking creature. The view is from their back, their head is slightly tilted towards the viewer and looks pained. There is a giant hole in their back and purple plumes of smoke are coming out of it.
A grinning creature that has the appearance of a dog with floppy ears but has snake pupils and a mouth full of broken sharp teeth.
A fluro coloured monster with teal liquid coming from their mouth and nose is grinning in an evil manner. They have a lot of sharp teeth and glowing eyes.
A sketch of a person looking to the side with red eyes and a fae sort of appearance.
A sketch of a creature with a long face looking downwards. Their eyes are entirely devoid of an iris or pupil. They have a shaved head with a ponytail and beard. They look very tired.