Nails & Teeth

A horror graphic novel about grief, identity, and the end of the world

Ao’ze’ckr, the

Status: on hold, for the most part


Nails & Teeth follows the story of Amzarah who, after waking in an unknown location, has no recollection of who they are. The journey begins with their first recallable question:

The sky is red tonight.
The others, they do not worry.
Why is the sky red tonight?

The designs in this section are inconsistent (and outdated); Nails & Teeth is the oldest of my projects and it has seen many iterations. In recent years I have worked towards making the characters look more alien in order to to reflect the world they live in and the science-fantasy genre I have found myself gravitating towards.

This project will be finished last as it is last in the timeline canon. Until then, this section will remain with inconsistent art. Visually, at least; their roles and personalities have hardly ever changed. If I manage to make art of them more often, a 'characters' page will be included here.

Character Illustration


Moral Absolutism • 2020
Nostalgia • 2014

Note: the above comic is not worded in a scientifically correct way, which I am a stickler about thesedays. But just to be clear: yes, I know, this is not the whole truth.