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Hyaline logo- two metal wings on either side of a decorative compass-like design, with a flower in the middle. A banner underneath it reads 'Hyaline'.
A world map, with several large continents. It has a border made of tree branches and vines wrapped around them.

Kol's world map. The Lune lettering on the banner translates to "Nierio"

The planet

Hyaline is a super-Earth that orbits a main sequence star. Its sky features rings comprised of rock and three moons that shepherd them. Life was born after the continents had already formed, segregating the very first fingerprints- extraordinary biodiversity evolved in its wake.

The planet is known among its inhabitants as many things- Nierio (Lune) or Kazauthi (Rriork-th) are but only two of them. In Lune, the rough translation is “Hyaline”, reflecting the Gukeur people’s preoccupation with the sky and ocean they are surrounded by.

The three moons are known as Amarh, Elun and zarel'k by the Gukeur people.


Hyaline has factions in place of countries, each of which is dedicated to one or a number of Kigi anek’oko - the ancient biomechanical entities that roam the planet. Roughly translated, their name means "the Diplomats."

The most catastrophic wars of Hyaline’s past have arisen from crimes committed by diplomats themselves. Those who are guilty of such acts are under the care of the one known as Oreun and their vault. It is for this reason they earned their status as diplomats.

Hyaline’s largest city- Arifeux - was built by colonisers from another world in an effort to seize power. Ziograu, they call themselves. They remain the governors of their golden city, but they are weak and dwindling in number. The language of Arifeux is Rriork-th.

Inside Arifeux's impressive walls are messages of equality, of unity, of safety, to disguise its true form - law enforced erasure. It is an insidious kind of violent. They do not kill those who choose to leave, they know the outside world they're sheltered from will do it for them.

Hyaline’s lack of conventional order makes for a very varied world. It is one with an absence of dichotomies and a lot of nuanced conflict. One with a sense of unity that far extends geographic location.

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Hyaline's game is set just before the events of the graphic novel, and the world guide contains two short stories that detail the beginning events of both these narratives. I work on all the projects in conjunction with one another because they are all interconnected. I have very limited time and resources so I cannot provide release dates for any of my projects at this time.

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