Illustration commissions

Please see my public trello board for my current availability & slots open for every commission type before reading further.
Updates can also be found on my twitter.


  • All prices are in AUD.

  • All prices are an approximation and may cost more depending on the level of detail required.

  • Fill out the form at the end of this page to send a request, please do not e-mail it to me unless you are having difficulties with the form.

  • Read my TERMS OF SERVICE. It is a general overview which provides context for the rest of this page.

  • Progress and availability can be viewed on my public trello board.

Off limits

  • Comics.

  • Not safe for work (NSFW) themes.

  • Explicit political statements of any kind.

  • Depiction of cultures of which you as the client are not a part of (I will assume you are, should you request something like this.)

  • Hateful / targeted violence of any kind.

  • Most fanart (game characters you play e.g WoW and D&D are fine. OCs made from a franchise is a maybe.)


Headshots: ~$40
3/4 body:

  • Made with black pens on generic 125gsm sketchbook paper.

  • Black & White with hints of red (optional) only.

  • One extra character and a simple background are negotiable but this will cost extra.

  • Original sketch can be attained through a flat fee of $40 + shipping.

  • If requesting a work in progress, only one is permitted.

  • I cannot make many changes after the sketch is done, but let me know if I got a design element wrong and I will see what I can do!

  • I cannot be held responsible for mistakes made by couriers.

  • Refunds are not available for this commission type.


Price highly variable; estimates based on the above-

Top Left: ~$100
Top Middle:
Top Right:
Bottom Left: ~$150
Bottom Right: ~$600

  • There are no set in stone limitations for this commission type aside from my time availability and the scope.

  • Painted with Krita, default A4 300dpi.

  • If requesting work in progress images, more than five may result in extra costs. I default to sending the thumbnails for approval, the coloured sketch, and subsequent painting process WIPs.

  • Partial refunds are possible if the artwork is not beyond the sketch phase.

Custom / Type not listed

Commission types are set in accordance with what I am usually hired for - an absence does not necessarily mean it isn't possible. There is no guarantee that these requests will be accepted due to the breadth of possible requests, however.

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