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I am a professional and experienced freelance artist who has been working in illustration since 2005. I pride myself in my ability to find unique ways of expressing creative concepts, allowing me to craft something deeply personal and sincere for my clients.

I strive to shine a light on the beauty in that which is conventionally seen as ugly or odd. The standard of what is attractive or “normal” in today’s world I find unrealistic and boring. I want to inspire my viewers to see beyond that, to look deeper than what’s immediately visible, to question everything.

Photo taken by David Ma, during International Games Week Melbourne, 2017



Hyaline plans to bring more empathy to the survival game genre - Kill Screen


Rose Morgan - Queerly Represent Me


Self employed


2005 – Present • Melbourne, Australia

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Swinburne University of Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science • Major: Game Development • Minor: Biomedical Science

18/02/17 – Current • Melbourne, Australia

I wish to combine my knowledge of science and technology to create interactive educational experiences.

RMIT - NEIS program

Certificate IV Small Business Management

15/10/14 – 20/11/14 • Melbourne, Australia

I learned about the necessities of running a business for my freelancing endeavors. This included marketing, bookkeeping, business plan writing, legalities & tax.