I am a professional and experienced freelance artist who has been working in illustration since 2005. I pride myself in my ability to find unique ways of expressing creative concepts, allowing me to craft something deeply personal and sincere for my clients.

I strive to shine a light on the beauty in that which is conventionally seen as ugly or odd. The standard of what is attractive or “normal” in today’s world I find unrealistic and boring. I want to inspire my viewers to see beyond that, to look deeper than what’s immediately visible, to question everything.

My pronouns are they/them, and my former name is still found in places like my watermarks and game credits; it's too much effort to scrub them from existence, so for the record- Gabriel is my name, now.



Hyaline plans to bring more empathy to the survival game genre - Kill Screen


Rose Morgan - Queerly Represent Me

Transgender and Gender Diverse game developers and their games - Checkpoint


Self employed


2005 – Present • Melbourne, Australia

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Swinburne University of Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science • Major: Game Development • Minor: Biomedical Science

18/02/17 – Current • Melbourne, Australia

I wish to combine my knowledge of science and technology to create interactive educational experiences.

RMIT - NEIS program

Certificate IV Small Business Management

15/10/14 – 20/11/14 • Melbourne, Australia

I learned about the necessities of running a business for my freelancing endeavors. This included marketing, bookkeeping, business plan writing, legalities & tax.