About Gabriel Morgan

I am an artist & writer who makes monsters of both the literal and figurative kinds. My creative work explores the messy grey areas between dichotomies, especially the good versus evil one.

Worldbuilding is my way to engage with my favourite hobby- research! It lets me take what I've learned and repurpose it. It tests how well I understand what I've been taught. Science is my first love; I draw so I can play with it on my terms.

I worked as a freelance illustrator from 2005 to 2017. I was a full time career artist for almost three years towards the tail end of that timeframe (I was a successful NEIS participant!) I have since retired as a hobby artist, and I am currently a second year student in a computer science, neuroscience and cybersecurity degree.

My art is personal- it unavoidably contains themes relating to my identities and struggles. I am non-binary (they/them or he/him) and aromantic. I am disabled by dysautonomia, blunted emotions and severe ADHD. It is important to me that these contexts aren't stripped of my work.

My art is inspired by:

  • The 1990s Oddworld games
  • Heart of Darkness (1998, PS1 videogame)
  • Nature, biology, death & decay
  • My oddly specific childhood obsession with dinosaurs and excavators
  • Religious symbolism, especially that of christianity and modern-day paganism
  • My favourite animals: sharks, crocodiles, and cockroaches

My other hobbies include:

  • Photography
  • Gardening
  • Medical illustration
  • Programming (C++, mainly)
  • Collecting skulls/bones/antlers, and occasionally painting them
  • Taking 30 minute walks that end up spanning three hours
  • Cooking! Potato, mushroom and leek soup + garam masala ox heart stew are two of my favourite things to make

You can contact me at contact@machinesbleedtoo.com, or at any of the social media sites I inhabit. I am not at present available for hire in illustration.