About Gabriel Morgan

I am a retired freelance illustrator turned hobby creator that makes monsters of both the literal and figurative kinds. I also happen to be in the last year of a computer science, cybersecurity and neuroscience degree. My passions lie in the messy grey areas between dichotomies, especially the good vs evil one.

My art is inspired by many things. Nature, Oddworld, Heart of Darkness, pre-Cataclysm WoW, and Piero della Francesca's work are but a few of them. All my digital illustrations are made with Krita. My OS of choice is Kubuntu.

Academically, I'm most interested in industrial control system cybersecurity (you can read a literature review I wrote on the topic here), antisocial personality disorder, & information technology risk analysis.

On a regular day you can find me being entirely overwhelmed by my revolving door of too-many-hobbies. With a headache. Probably.

For the sake of formality: refer to me as he/him.
Also for the sake of formality: don't co-opt my work to discuss queerness. I don't exist in a vacuum of identity labels (nor do I care much for them.) I am me, and my art is an exploration of myself and my relationship with the world. Nothing less.

You can contact me at contact@machinesbleedtoo.com. I am not presently available for hire in illustration.