About Gabriel Morgan

Me & my cat! Her name is Beetroot. You can't eat her though. 

I am an artist & writer who makes monsters of both the literal and figurative kinds. My creative work explores the messy grey areas between dichotomies, especially the good versus evil one.

I worked as a freelance illustrator from 2005 to 2017. I was a full time career artist for almost three years towards the tail end of that timeframe (as a successful NEIS participant!) I have since retired as a hobby artist, and I am currently a second year student in a computer science, neuroscience and cybersecurity degree.

My art is inspired by:

  • The 1990s Oddworld games
  • Heart of Darkness (1998 PS1 videogame)
  • Vanilla WoW zones, my favourites being tirisfal glades, plaguelands, ashenvale, desolace & darkshire
  • Nature, biology, death & decay
  • Religious symbolism, especially that of christianity and modern-day paganism
  • My favourite animals: sharks, crocodiles, and cockroaches

You can contact me at contact@machinesbleedtoo.com. I am not available for hire in illustration.